But, can we go to the beach?

I honestly cannot resist beach & swimwear, despite the fact that I haven’t dipped a toe in salt water since 2014, I have a soft sport for itty bitty bikinis, flare sleeved mini dresses, good ol’ cut offs & the ocean. The ocean has such an intense vibe & energy, it’s exhilerating.

I’m always on the hunt for pieces that are unique, not only in fabrics but also cut & style. When I came across The Naked Tiger, it was instant love! The Bardot dress is perfect for a pool party or even a cute cover up to wear to the beach.

Made using handmade batik cotton fabric, each piece is unique. Also, features a shirred elastic throughout the dress & a lace tie up at the front. This mini hugs every beautiful curve & literally feels like second skin.





But, do I need to do it?

Being a freelancer, a question I often get asked is how I stay motivated to tick off tasks from to-do list, all while working in my Harry Potter pj’s! To be honest, the first few months I was extremely motivated & would smash out tasks in the morning. After a while, I was waking up late, delaying tasks, eating untimely meals and pretty much feeling like a big old sloth.

A big testament to my sloth like behaviour is not being motivated to write a blog post for a few weeks. I’ve had the last two weeks off, every day I wrote a to-do list and when I would open my diary at 5PM, I barely had ticked of anything. I felt shit.

Cut to today, I’ve started a new full-time job and it’s safe to say I have done more after work than on an average day “working’ from home. I realised I was not only lacking motivation but also discipline. I needed a major BPL (Bum pe laath) & thanks to work I’ve finally got around to updating le blog & planning shoots!

Anyway, I was honestly so conscious of wearing the black bodysuit & wasn’t sure how it would translate on camera. Ever since I saw Khloe Kardashian (Yes – I keep up!) wear a black lace bodysuit with denims, I was OBSESSED! Finally, Bardot introduced a few styles & I happened to snap this on sale.

I decided to keep it simple and pair it with black high waited denims, also from Bardot, a black bomber & strappy black heels. I kept it tone on tone, which is perfect for an evening look. If I was to wear the bodysuit in the day, I would opt for high waist blue wash denims, a long cape/kimono, my Vans & hair to one side.


Bomber & Heels- The Iconic

Jeans & Bodysuit – Bardot



But, where can i find it?

Living across the ocean can make it super hard to get my hands on delicious Indian labels, that I swoon over on Instagram. A few labels are nice enough to make an exception, however, shipping charges can cost you your kidney & first born child!

Below are a few of my favourite websites, that are so easy to shop & shipping prices are reasonable!

Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop

Global Desi

House Of Masaba

The Quirk Box

Gulabo Jaipur

The Loom

Nor Black Nor WhiteIMG_5702IMG_5710IMG_5731IMG_5751IMG_5791IMG_5806IMG_5834IMG_5864IMG_5909


Saree: Surendri By Yogesh Choudhary

Earrings: Amrapali

Shoes: Vans


But, how do you feel?

A few weeks ago a friend/photographer/beautiful soul suggested we do a photoshoot at Carriageworks where they have commissioned a large-scale work by renowned German artist Katharina Grosse. Using over 8,000 square metres of fabric. Grosse draped, knotted, then created a multilayered painting on the surfaces and folds of the fabric, resulting in a out-of-your-mind experience.
After shooting at Carriageworks, my appreciation & curiosity for art has been perpetual. Art has a way of expressing your thoughts onto a blank canvas, just like Fashion, your body is a blank canvas waiting to be covered in beautiful work.
A big part of this expression is colour. Colour stirs up a lot of emotions, sensations, memories and is something we register in our mind & attach to a memory. The decision to wear black was not only to stand out against but to be a juxtaposition against the mixture of colours.
Dress: Bardot
Shoes: New Balance

But, can I wear this to work?

I wouldn’t really call myself a rebel in my everyday life but when it comes down to my office style I’m a self proclaimed revolutionist!

Okay that is a little dramatic but, if you ever catch me in the break room, I can assure you I won’t be unvaried.

I’m not the girl to have a “work” & “weekend” wardrobe, but rather believe recycling items in your wardrobe, especially key pieces to create different looks.

In the next coming weeks, you’ll see the Thigh High Series unfold & see how I pair these bad ass boots with three different outfits.

And to answer the question, Yes you can…


Shirt: Olio Stories

Shorts: Topshop

Boots: Public Desire


Can I borrow your Shirt?


Boyfriend Clothing

[boi-frend kloh-th ing]

1. Mens clothes modified for womenswear

2. Just clothes


Boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend blazers. Boyfriend shirts.

 au revoir.

Women are swapping out pocketless, slim-fit blazers for boxy & fluid clothing. Instead of focusing on wearing man inspired silhouettes, women are directly buying from the mens department.

There’s a movement now where clothes are not segregated by gender but are differentiated by colour, shape & patterns. Its a long road till gender fluid clothes are introduced, but style is universal right?

In my humble opinion, menswear has seen a creative outburst, with more Hommes experimenting with colours, printed shirts & an outrageous sense of street style.

So dames, ditch those “boyfriend” jeans & those who ask:

But, are you wearing mens clothes?


Kurta: Suket Dhir

Pants: Country Road

Shoes: vans

– A

Thanks, I’ll take two

If history has taught us anything it is that the two piece trend is a wardrobe must have. Flashback to Fran Fine rocking a floral Jennifer Bawden outfit paired with her killer abs! I may not have the abs but I do love a cheeky two piece. Being on the shorter side, I did find it hard to find a skirt + crop combo that didn’t reach my ankles. This Ref piece was a steal, plus sustainable to the environment.


Akshara JAN 17-61 (1)Akshara JAN 17-62Akshara JAN 17-63Akshara JAN 17-65Akshara JAN 17-66 (1)Akshara JAN 17-67

Two Piece: Reformation

Jacket: Rachel Roy

Shoes: Vans