But are you wearing track pants?

No, it’s called Athleisure.

Where fashion meets comfort.



Jacket: Vintage

Pants: Bardot

Shoes: Vans

Watch: General Pants & Co

– A

But, how does your mood make your clothes feel?


Every morning I wake up with a different mindset & mood to the previous day. Some days I wake up feeling authentic & on better days I wake with a sense of bad-assery. Not only does my mood & mindset affect the flow of things but plays a paramount part in my outfit of the day or better knows as #ootd.

You see, on Monday I could be roaming free in a red babydoll dress with leopard flats & heart – shaped studs & by Thursday you would catch me in denim cut-offs, a white shirt with the first two buttons undone.

Some call it balance.

I call it “My Morning Mètier”



Hat: Sportsgirl

Tee: Bardot

Jeans: h&m

Shoes: Vans


No bra, no problem?

If you look closely on my last two posts you must have noticed, I am not wearing a bra. No problem right?


I’ve been genetically blessed with small boobs & from a young age it has been ingrained to religiously wear a bra. A quick trip to buy milk requires my wallet, keys, will power not buy ice cream & support.

However, going sans bra has been liberating. I feel comfortable, confident, sexy & say a “hell to the yeah” to some cheeky side boob. Be it a ten minute drive to pick up pizza or a dinner I’m embracing bra-free fashion.

We are definitely more than being shamed or sexualised for our bodies.



Dress + bandana: General Pants & Co

Boots: Spurr Shoes via The Iconic

Jacket: Fila


LBD 2.0


The Little Black Dress 2.0:

  1. Black
  2. Unapologetically you.



Dress: Reformation

Earrings: Lovisa

Shoes: Guess


Get Cinched!


If there is one thing I love more than gluten free ginger cookies is the transitional season of Autumn. Give me an oversized sweater or T – shirt dress & I am happy as Carrie eating a $3 cupcake in grey knee – high socks on a bench ( Season 3, Ep. 5) !

Add a corset belt to a loose silhouette or pair with a white shirt & black wide leg pants for a sleek look.



Dress: Kmart

Belt: Bardot

Shoes: Spurr via TheIconic


Thanks, I’ll take two

If history has taught us anything it is that the two piece trend is a wardrobe must have. Flashback to Fran Fine rocking a floral Jennifer Bawden outfit paired with her killer abs! I may not have the abs but I do love a cheeky two piece. Being on the shorter side, I did find it hard to find a skirt + crop combo that didn’t reach my ankles. This Ref piece was a steal, plus sustainable to the environment.


Akshara JAN 17-61 (1)Akshara JAN 17-62Akshara JAN 17-63Akshara JAN 17-65Akshara JAN 17-66 (1)Akshara JAN 17-67

Two Piece: Reformation

Jacket: Rachel Roy

Shoes: Vans



Is it always about the shirt?


Just like Carrie’s Dior Newspaper print dress, these panelled denim cutoffs continuously make appearances in my #ootd. The only difference is that Carrie is wearing Dior & I can only dream of Dior….

Back to the point, these denims can be paired with absolute anything – a white tee, a canary yellow blazer , a top hat or even a red mirchi shirt!


Akshara JAN 17-49Akshara JAN 17-56Akshara JAN 17-51Akshara JAN 17-52 (1)Akshara JAN 17-54

Shirt: Masaba

Shorts: Bardot

Shoes: Vans



And the festive season is here! For those of you who are unaware, it is Diwali on Wednesday & “What is Diwali?” you may ask:

Diwali [deh-wah-li]

– noun

1. The festival of lights; beginning of the new year

*2. Eating a whole box of sweets without being judged

*DISCLAIMER: the above is currently taking place

SO for me Diwali will be rather low key because the only exam I have this semester falls on the Friday, so instead of waving around a few sparkles, I’ll be brushing up on Investment Concept and Applications.

Anyways, because most of you out there might be at work during the day and will be a total stress-head while getting ready, let me save you all that stress and break it down for you with:

The MUST-HAVE accessories for a stress free Diwali:


1. The token gold/sparkly clutch:


Forever New

I believe every Indian women should have a gold clutch in there wardrobe, they are so versatile and pretty much go with every indian outfit. Also, I recommend you find a clutch which is a bit roomy and can fit more than your lipstick and compact. Trust me, I can’t even count how many times I’ve shoved my mobile in my friends bags because my clutch could only fit my keys.

 2. The POP of colour:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


There is no other way to make an outfit standout is with a pop of colour. This yellow clutch is perfect for the festive season. Firstly, is a good size, can be converted into a side big and lets be real, who can resist a bright yellow clutch?

3.  The statement piece:

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Rachna Reddy

The below clutch was one of the first designer pieces I bought when I started to earn some $$$. I absolutely loved the design  and the wood really creates an interesting texture. The only downfall is, it’s a bit too small for me and I can’t really fit my mobile, lipsticks, vaseline, other random necessities and is very delicate and sensitive to scratches. Meaning, if you’re clumsy like me then be prepared…


1. The one that goes with everything:


These pair of earrings literally go with everything and are definitely my go to piece. They are super light, gold in colour with white beads running through the bottom

2. The one that will complete your outfit:


I received the below as a gift and instantly fell in love with these earrings. I like to keep outfits simple and these earrings will perfectly complete your look. What I like, is that they close at the back so you won’t have to worry about loosing an earring at the end of the night

3. The little one with a BIG impact:


I cannot even begin to express my love for this pair. Perfect for the day time and can easily be transitioned into the evening.

I hope this break down will help you bring in the new year in style.

I wish you and your families a very Happy Diwali and please lets think of our furry friends and make it a noise free Diwali

Until next time…



Waking up on a grey, soon-to-be-sunny day I rolled over and thought:

Should I call in sick?

(No, I wasn’t sick the day before at work)

I should work from home!

(Ugh, which means 65% of my day will be spent eating, 25% on Youtube, 4% opening the fridge & 6% actually getting work done)

ORRRR, maybe I should go to work then leave at 3:30 to make it on time to go to my 7PM class but actually come home..

I went to work.

Slummed into my chair I began my usual morning ritual – Facebook,High Heel Confidential & Buzzfeed – in that order. Forty minutes later, we decided to go grab some tea for a new organic tea bar called The Rabbit Hole (now a morning ritual!).

After some ah-mazing tea, a matcha tea preztel and a few giggles, I found myself feeling so so happy in comparison to when I woke up in the morning

That day I realised that a cup tea, a few friends & anything really can turn your day around!

So now to all my dreamers, believers & achievers who wake up contemplating wether to get our of bed, because they stayed up till 2AM immersed in the depths of a classic paperback is to wake up, put on your favourite outfit, pet every dog you see on your commute to work then grab yourself a cup of tea and feel the sunshine!

“- but sometimes it’s the tiny, gradual, stepping-stone victories that bring real joy and signify the positive changes in our life”

– Kunal Nayyar (Yes, My Accent is Real and Some Other Things I Haven’t Told You)

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.50.11 pm

Unit next time…

♡ theLittleYellowJacket


So if you have been following me on Instagram you might have seen that I recently was in the AMERICA!!! And I do apologize for being MIA for waaaay too long!

From partying in Vegas to meeting Minnie Mouse at Disneyland overall was definitely a CRAZY trip but was loads of fun! I went with my dance school Indian Dance Centre, we performed 2 killer shows in LA.

Below are some pics from the trip, I did a few outfit breakdowns where I could.

In terms of packing, I had probably the WORST luck with suitcases. The morning I was leaving for the States, my suitcase wheel broke and so did the handle, so that same morning I frantically changed suitcases and about 20 mins later the wheel broke off…like seriously!!

So all through Vegas the poor boys had to lug my suitcase around. Wasn’t until maybe the second week I bought a new suitcase from Sears in Santa Monica, and at the time was so convenient because we had chucked all our shopping in the bag and gone to dinner. BUT even then my luck with the suitcase didn’t end, the wheel still didn’t work properly and the suitcase was way smaller than my previous  and had to squash a few things in my backpack and carry on. I literally had 4 carry on bags!!

Also – I will do a post on the shopping I did, so keep a keep an eye out for that 🙂


Coat & crop top: asos.com

Pants: minkpink.com


Bomber jacket: bardot.com

T-shirt: K-mart

Shorts: generalpants.com



T-shirt: K-mart

Shirt (around-waist): minkpink.com

Tights: cottonon.com



Being Sita!

Unit next time…

♡ theLittleYellowJacket