Is it always about the shirt?


Just like Carrie’s Dior Newspaper print dress, these panelled denim cutoffs continuously make appearances in my #ootd. The only difference is that Carrie is wearing Dior & I can only dream of Dior….

Back to the point, these denims can be paired with absolute anything – a white tee, a canary yellow blazer , a top hat or even a red mirchi shirt!


Akshara JAN 17-49Akshara JAN 17-56Akshara JAN 17-51Akshara JAN 17-52 (1)Akshara JAN 17-54

Shirt: Masaba

Shorts: Bardot

Shoes: Vans





When giving birthday cards, I somewhat feel they have to have a personal touch to them – could be a personalised message inside or even cute pictures…

So when two people very special to me had their birthdays, I knew I had to go to Give in Style for the most creative and personalised cards.

Geetu, not only creates cards but is also an English teacher, dancer, photographer and an amazing friend !

 Another reason to Give in Style is that all the sales she receives from the cards raises money to further support Christel House – A learning centre to help underprivileged children to gain access to education.

Until Next Time…