But, will they ever go out of style?

I am a strong believer in the long-time phenomena that is the T-SHIRT. One can honestly not have enough & I declare the mighty tee a wardrobe eee-ssential.  I can safely say I wear a t-shirt pretty much every day. At the gym, to work, to bed, on a date & sometimes I only just wear a t-shirt.

 Tees are the most versatile piece of clothing everyone should invest in, a solid white tee can take you a long way & I can assure you, you will wear it more than you believe. Because I want every boy, girl, man, woman, baby & puppy to invest in a t-shirt, below is a list on the infallible ways you my dear enchilada can wear a trusty tee:

 As a dress

Knotted at the front

Knotted at the back

  Knotted on the side

 Tucked in

Half tucked in

Off the shoulder


  Crop top

  Layer under a bustier

So please.





Skirt: The Iconic

Shoes: Vans



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