Waking up on a grey, soon-to-be-sunny day I rolled over and thought:

Should I call in sick?

(No, I wasn’t sick the day before at work)

I should work from home!

(Ugh, which means 65% of my day will be spent eating, 25% on Youtube, 4% opening the fridge & 6% actually getting work done)

ORRRR, maybe I should go to work then leave at 3:30 to make it on time to go to my 7PM class but actually come home..

I went to work.

Slummed into my chair I began my usual morning ritual – Facebook,High Heel Confidential & Buzzfeed – in that order. Forty minutes later, we decided to go grab some tea for a new organic tea bar called The Rabbit Hole (now a morning ritual!).

After some ah-mazing tea, a matcha tea preztel and a few giggles, I found myself feeling so so happy in comparison to when I woke up in the morning

That day I realised that a cup tea, a few friends & anything really can turn your day around!

So now to all my dreamers, believers & achievers who wake up contemplating wether to get our of bed, because they stayed up till 2AM immersed in the depths of a classic paperback is to wake up, put on your favourite outfit, pet every dog you see on your commute to work then grab yourself a cup of tea and feel the sunshine!

“- but sometimes it’s the tiny, gradual, stepping-stone victories that bring real joy and signify the positive changes in our life”

– Kunal Nayyar (Yes, My Accent is Real and Some Other Things I Haven’t Told You)

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.50.11 pm

Unit next time…

♡ theLittleYellowJacket


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