So if you have been following me on Instagram you might have seen that I recently was in the AMERICA!!! And I do apologize for being MIA for waaaay too long!

From partying in Vegas to meeting Minnie Mouse at Disneyland overall was definitely a CRAZY trip but was loads of fun! I went with my dance school Indian Dance Centre, we performed 2 killer shows in LA.

Below are some pics from the trip, I did a few outfit breakdowns where I could.

In terms of packing, I had probably the WORST luck with suitcases. The morning I was leaving for the States, my suitcase wheel broke and so did the handle, so that same morning I frantically changed suitcases and about 20 mins later the wheel broke off…like seriously!!

So all through Vegas the poor boys had to lug my suitcase around. Wasn’t until maybe the second week I bought a new suitcase from Sears in Santa Monica, and at the time was so convenient because we had chucked all our shopping in the bag and gone to dinner. BUT even then my luck with the suitcase didn’t end, the wheel still didn’t work properly and the suitcase was way smaller than my previous  and had to squash a few things in my backpack and carry on. I literally had 4 carry on bags!!

Also – I will do a post on the shopping I did, so keep a keep an eye out for that 🙂


Coat & crop top: asos.com

Pants: minkpink.com


Bomber jacket: bardot.com

T-shirt: K-mart

Shorts: generalpants.com



T-shirt: K-mart

Shirt (around-waist): minkpink.com

Tights: cottonon.com



Being Sita!

Unit next time…

♡ theLittleYellowJacket

4 thoughts on “!voyage”

  1. Just stumbled across your blog – it’s so great! A broken suitcase definitely does not make for easy travelling! So awesome you got to go to America with our dance school. But I’m more jealous that you live in India! So cool.
    Love, Beth.

      1. Oh no! I definitely just took that from the name of your dance school…. That’s embarrassing… Well Sydney is also on my bucket list to visit, so I’m still jealous, ha!

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